If you know general PVC features, it will not take a long time to find an answer how to store PVC boat in winter. The main task is to prepare the boat for winter.

It goes without saying that you should wash and dry it carefully. Pay attention to the connections of the sides and the bottom; use a sponge or a soft brush, soap solution (you can also use normal dishwashing liquid). Washing the boat you will remove any smell that can attract rodents, and reveal possible punctures and minor defects on the surface of the boat. Mark them in order to eliminate them later. When the boat is dry (dry it inflated and do not expose to the sun, in the shadow), you can start repair works. It is not a good idea to leave it for spring as the punctures can become bigger during the winter and it will be more difficult to seal them.

Do not forget to handle all boat accessories as well: paddles, front of the boat, sit – wash them thoroughly and repair if necessary. It is better to keep them separately from the boat.

 If your storage area is big, you can inflate the boat a little and hang it on the ribbons or broad planks. It is important that the boat does not touch other objects and the walls.However if you do not have such a large room for storage, we offer you our spacy containers which are temperature-, rain- and snow-protected. And the boat will be kept safely.

10.08.2020 13:47