Severe climate conditions do not allow us to ride a motor bike and proper storage affects operation of the transport in spring. It is clear that we cannot just leave it outside or in open parking area.

If you have a summer house or a garage, you will not have any problems. But for bikers who do not have such, our services for seasonal storage of bikes seems to be a good decision as it’s our subject matter and we know everything about preparation for seasonal storage.

Main problems related to storage are caused by temperature fluctuations. It causes problems with tyres, glands, dust caps, motor, fuel tank. A bike can be stored either in cold or warm place, the main thing is to avoid temperature fluctuations.

So winter storage of bikes in such conditions for city residents is unreal.

Where to store a bike in winter

1. Outside. You can always see it but the weather is not always nice and the bike might be also stolen. If there is no any other opportunity, prepare it for storage as specified below and cover with tarpaulin.

2. Parking. It is safer than outside. But it is not so positive as it seems. The transport  will suffer from temperature fluctuations, moisture, sun exposure.

3. Individual parking place. This option is better as the bike will not be affected by weather conditions or temperature fluctuations. But your bike will not be totally protected from any damage. The only variant is to hope for good security.

4. Rent of closed container. One of the best options as your bike will be protected from weather conditions and thieves.

How to prepare the bike for long-term storage

We offer you comfortable conditions for your bike. You do not need to worry where to keep your bike. But one of the most important things is proper preparation of the transport. We will tell you how to do this, pay attention to all the systems.

Fuel tank

Fill it with petrol to prevent corrosion. In order to use it after that, add some stabilizer into the tank, and then add some fuel. Remove the petrol from the carburator as pitchy residue can occur which clogs the jets.


It is warm in our storage are, so prepare the charging battery as follows:

Fully charge the battery as during seasonal storage of the bike in SPb it can become low;

During storage period charge it several times;

Unscrew filler plugs for free exit of gases – for charged batteries.


If possible, fill with new oil or add to maximum level. Take care of cylinders – rotate the crank shaft for oil film to form. Then demount the air filter and close input diffusers with a clean cloth.

Cover the exhaust unit with a thick plastic bag or cloth. It prevents from condensate formation, so moisture will not penetrate the exhaust system and combustion chamber.


As our conditions are optimal, tyres are to be:

Pumped to 3 atm.

Silicone covered


After all the actions described:

Wash the bike;

Heat to operation temperature and blow all the wiring;

Wipe the absorbers of the front and rear suspension forks, lubricate;

Lubricate with silicone all the spark plug cups, rubber pipes, forks, glands, carriage guide;

Lubricate the chain; Lubricate steel and chrome parts, for ex. WD-40

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